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13 Destinations in Philly for Warm, Nourishing Bowls of Pho

Pho tai bo vien from Pho Ha Saigon. | Pho Ha Saigon

Satisfy those cravings for rich broth, fragrant herbs, noodles, and cuts of beef at these favorite Philly restaurants

There’s a certain romance to a great bowl of pho, especially in a city like Philly. Philadelphia is home to one of the largest populations of Vietnamese-Americans in America, and this city has an abundance of legendary Vietnamese restaurants, all with excellent pho options.

For those of us who eat pho as a weekly staple, choosing a favorite pho spot is not easy. Establishing criteria for reviewing pho is a deeply personal, possibly spiritual experience, from the broth to the durability of the noodles to the perfect ratio of green to white onions. Choosing a favorite pho spot is its own challenge: “Is there a number in the name?” “Do they have a veggie option?” “How is the cà phê sữa đá?” A great bowl of pho is more than soup — it’s a journey — and fortunately, Philly is full of journeys worth taking.

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