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Alisher Aminov

Annville, PA- What once was a very controversial conversation in Lebanon County will have its destiny being decided on April 5th, the residents of North Annville Township will come together to hear the official decision that could decide the destiny of the solar farm project in the area. The proposal of a 858-acre solar farm has come with multiple community members sharing their view as to why that should not happen.
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In an age where people believe that politicians are to blame for many of the issues we face, this community leader is proving that it doesn't take elected office to make a difference in your hometown.
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In recent years, national polarization and partisanship has seeped into the foundation of the state and local level of government. This polarization has distracted candidates from focusing on issues that affect the majority of Pennsylvanians and focus on issues that excite their political bases.
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In the February City Council meeting, the Mayor announced a new committee appointment, proposed a resolution to apply for a park restoration grant, announced the disposal of various old government documents as the city prepares to move into the new municipal building, and more.
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The Winter Olympics have now come to an end, and while the United States did not come out leading the pack, this Olympics has taught us an important lesson about America: When we embrace our diversity and stand together, we are an incredible force to be reconned with. 
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developing a more effective form of government. I propose we reevaluate the structure of Lebanon City's government to determine if the current system we have is the most effective for representing and meeting the needs of all of our City's residents and taking Lebanon City into the 21st Century.