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Billboard NXT: Contestants Show off High Notes & Slow Dance Moves in This Week’s Challenge

This week, the 12 contestants in Billboard NXT – a first-of-its-kind singing competition from Billboard and Samsung Galaxy, designed to discover the next great unsigned artist – were tasked with not one but two unique challenges to show off their singular skills.

Using their Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, a phone that helps users capture moments and express themselves, the contestants were instructed to belt out their best high notes, as well as show off slow mo dance moves. After weeks of showing off their show-stopping singing abilities, this latest challenge also provided the contestants’ choreography a chance to shine, giving each artist their own unique performance showcase.

The 12 contestants in Billboard NXT are being ranked weekly on a custom Billboard chart, with the three top artists becoming finalists and being paired with one of three superstar celebrity mentors: Charli XCX, Anitta and Todrick Hall. Each finalist will perform at the competition’s Grand Finale, a livestreamed event on Billboard.com, and the winner will receive a Billboard cover, a music video, studio time to record a first single and tickets to the Billboard Music Awards.

There is still one more week of Billboard NXT challenges! Before then, watch the latest performance videos, and check the official Billboard NXT chart to see where the contestants stand as we get closer to the grand finale.

Amir Brandon, “So Sick”

@amirbrandon##ad For round 3 of the @billboardnxt contest, I was tasked with adding a dance and singing my highest note, to “So Sick.” How did I do? @samsungus♬ original sound – Amir Brandon

Amir Brandon covered the R&B breakup hit “So Sick,” showing off an impressive high note while making the track his own — and pairing the track with some signature TikTok moves.

Betty Reed, “Complicated”

@bettyreed.music##ad Check Out my slow-mo moves for the 3rd @billboardnxt challenge & like & comment to show that I should be ##billboardnxt @samsungus♬ original sound – Betty Reed

The early 2000s pop-rock hit “Complicated” was Betty Reed’s pick this time around, as she accompanied her cover with a compilation of iconic TikTok moves, featuring head rolls and hand flips, in true pop-star fashion.

Bronze Avery, “Angel Baby”

@bronzeavery #ad “angel baby” always makes me wanna slow dance . here’s my submission for this weeks @billboardnxt challenge ✦ @samsungus #BillboardNXT ♬ original sound – BRONZE

Bronze Avery began with a mellow rendition of “Angel Baby” before masterfully hitting those high notes and breaking out into some smooth moves to accompany polished vocals.

Celia Inside, “Do It”

@celiainside #ad CHALLENGE 3, U READY? this is @billboardnxt via @billboard + @SamsungUS ♬ original sound – celiaINside

Featuring multiple camera angles and perfectly choreographed poses, Celia Inside headed outside to perform her rendition of the viral dance hit “Do It,” complete with a stunning high note at the finish.

James The Seventh, “Angel Baby”

@jamestheseventh##ad Here’s my submission for the next @billboardnxt challenge @samsungus ##BillboardNXT♬ original sound – James the Seventh

For their latest challenge, James The Seventh stuns with a hypnotic ballet performance while singing an ethereal, on-point rendition of “Angel Baby.”

Jayne Rio, “Do It”

@jaynerio##ad I’m back with my third submission to @BillboardNXT! I’m going to be doing some singing and dancing to Do It! @samsungus @billboard ##BillboardNXT♬ original sound – Jayne Rio

Jayne Rio created her own rendition of “Do It” accompanied by fast-paced dance moves and killer vocals — and of course, the performance would not be complete without some finger snaps.

Jordan Occasionally, “Do It”

@jordanoccasionally##ad i guess yall will have to wait and see if I make it to the final 3 @billboardnxt @samsungus ##billboardnxt♬ original sound – jordan_occasionally

For their exceptional cover of “Do It,” Jordan Occasionally highlighted their sleek choreography while showing off their vocal range and striking all the right poses in between.

Mackenzie Johnson, “Do It”

@mackenziemusic26##ad Here’s my submission for week 3 of @billboardnxt! Make sure to like, comment, & share to help me become ##BillboardNXT @billboard @samsungus♬ original sound – MackenzieMusic

Complete with some lively hand moves, Mackenzie Jonhson performed her own take on “Do It,” perfectly hitting those harmonies and demonstrating her vocal chops.

mreens, “So Sick”

@mreens##ad Round 3 for @billboardnxt ! This is my cover of So Sick for the high note/slo mo challenge. Produced by mreens ##billboardnxt @samsungus♬ original sound – mreens

mreens knocks this week’s challenge out of the park, blending their impressive backing harmonies with a slowed-down version of “So Sick” and some laid-back dance moves that matched the track.

Serpenta, “Complicated”

@serpentamusic##ad Here’s my entry for challenge 3 @billboardnxt high note and slo mo @samsungus♬ original sound – serpentamusic

During her performance of “Complicated,” Serpenta showed off some fierce vocals and chilled-out moves to nicely find the heart of the angsty classic.

Sophie Marks, “Angel Baby”

@sophiemarksmusic##ad Here is my @billboardnxt high note/slow mo challenge 3 submission of “Angel Baby” !! @samsungus ##billboardnxt♬ original sound – sophiemarks

To create an angelic version of “Angel Baby,” Sophie Marks leaned in to some casual grooves and mastered that high note, resulting in a polished performance.

Soukhya, “Angel Baby”

@soukhyaa##ad my submission for @billboardnxt + @samsungus for the high note & slow mo dance challenge Like & Comment to show I’m ##BillboardNXT !!♬ original sound – SOUKHYA

Soukhya went full pop-star mode with a powerhouse performance of “Angel Baby,” striving for perfectly choreographed moves and compelling vocals fit for the stage.

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