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The Harrisburg legislature is broken! We, the taxpayers, pay our legislators $21 Million in salary alone, not including vacation pay, health insurance, committee pay, per diems, office expenses and retirement and get almost nothing in the way of legislative return. In total, we are spending approximately $50 Million dollars annually for a handful of bills that are passed into law.
Politics in the United States have changed rapidly in the 21st century. As outlined in part one of this series, “The Problem,” the emergence of 24-hour media, the rise in popularity of opinion news as a result of removing bias protection laws, and the hyper advancement of technology have all changed the way political candidates and political parties connect with people.
"I am least concerned how this will affect my Senate campaign." Clements told Q'Hubo News. "The voters need to know this man is a liar and disrespects the tenants of American democracy. Subsequent to his actions on Jan 6th, he held a collusion meeting in Gettysburg and established alternate electors which is not found in the US or PA constitution. I believe this is further evidence of intent to subvert the US Constitution. "Although this lawsuit may not have a quick enough timeframe prior to the primary, there could still be enough time prior to the general election.
"A decision by the Supreme Court on Roe v. Wade will not have an immediate impact on Pennsylvania or its current laws. Should this opinion become final, abortion access in Pennsylvania will remain legal and safe as long as I am governor. I will continue to veto any legislation that threatens access to abortion and women's health care.