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Kim Kardashian & Halsey Hard Pass on Forming a Girl Group With Cecily Strong in ‘SNL’ Promo

Kim Kardashian West has branched out into a lot of new and unexpected businesses over the course of her long, wildly successful reality TV-launched career. But there’s one thing she absolutely will not do. “Oh my gosh, this crazy thought just occurred to me in this exact moment right now. Should we start our own girl group?” Saturday Night Live cast member Cecily Strong suggests to KKW and Halsey in the promo for this weekend’s show.

Halsey, wearing a golden dress with a hood and a smoky eye, shut that down real quick with a stern, “Absolutely not,” with Kardashian West adding “We already said no when you pitched it backstage.”

“Okay, you could hear me, I wasn’t sure cuz security had me in a headlock,” Strong responded nervously.

Undeterred, the SNL superstar whose drunk Jeanine Pirro deserves its own 90-minute special, pressed on, asking Kardashian in the second promo if she was nervous about hosting the legendary show for the first time and doing sketch comedy.

“Why? I don’t have to write sketches, do I?” KKW asked. “No,” Strong answered. “Memorize lines?”

“No, there are cue cards,” Halsey pointed out.

“Everyone else won’t look as good as me, will they?” Kardashian West asked the two women, which Strong answered with, “No, absolutely not.”

“This is so easy,” Kim said, smiling into the camera. “Yeah… well, I guess it is,” said longtime cast member and Second City veteran Strong.

Check out the promo for this week’s SNL below.

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