Lady Gaga Wears Boa Made of $100 Bills — And It Might Be Inspired by This Costume

Lady Gaga’s latest accessory comes with a hefty price tag: It’s a boa made entirely out of $100 bills.

The Paper Gangsta was en route to Las Vegas in a private jet when she snapped and posted a picture on her Instagram of the Benjamin Franklin-adorned boa that wrapped around her $1,300 Magda Butrym polka-dot dress, which complemented her $22,500 Hermès Kelly purse.

“Back to Vegas baby with Haus of Gaga #jazz #loveforsale,” Gaga captioned the photo, referencing her and Tony Bennett’s new collaborative album Love for Sale, which debuted atop Billboard’s Traditional Jazz Albums and Jazz Albums charts and at No. 8 on the Billboard 200.

Some Twitter users pointed out that the outfit closely resembled an Amazon UK costume for the “Money Honey” pop superstar, which featured a model pairing the paper-money boa with face-shielding black sunglasses and a nearly white blond wig reminiscent of Gaga’s 2009 introduction. With Halloween fast approaching at the end of the month, it wouldn’t be far off for the Little Monsters to replicate her look for spooky season.

Others blasted The Fame Monster singer for being consumed by her wealth, calling the cash kerchief “tacky” and “totally tone deaf to the world around us.”

See Gaga’s billionaire boa look and fan reactions below.

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A post shared by Lady Gaga (@ladygaga)

lady gaga wearing a paper money boa inspired by her. her money honey serve… iconic pic.twitter.com/h53FeAtPGL

— allure (new) (@gagallure) October 13, 2021

Lady Gaga wearing a Lady Gaga Style Pop Star Money Boa pic.twitter.com/Sdf44L6os5

— riccardo 〄 (@__rikyS) October 13, 2021

Lady Gaga wearing a money scarf that’s named after her from Amazon is so camp pic.twitter.com/enKtVsF67h

— gaga updates  (@thegagasource_) October 13, 2021

This is tacky as fuck and totally tone deaf to the world around us. Gaga, I remember when you hid your face out of insecurity. Now I would rather see your humble side than this ugly fame side youve decided to use. #LadyGaga https://t.co/dSvwcjjk0f

— DarblesLostMarbles (@DJHere4) October 13, 2021

@ladygaga can i have the money from ur boa so i can buy tickets to ur show

— Roni ³⁰ (@thefameroni) October 13, 2021

It’s the money boa for me #Queen #Gaga @ladygaga pic.twitter.com/zbt9S6vniv

— (@hausofrain) October 13, 2021

this scarf made of crisp 100 dollar bills up against this hot pink Birkin and oversized cat eye sunglasses .. smh .. way. too. fire. .. #ladygaga

— (@savagejazette) October 13, 2021

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