Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office

A Lancaster man will serve 52 months to 9 years in prison after being sentenced by Lancaster County Judge Margaret Miller last week. Christopher Vazquez, 33 of Campbell Avenue, pleaded guilty in March to two counts of riot, two counts of reckless burning, two counts of disorderly conduct, four counts of institutional vandalism and one count of failure to disperse for his role in the riots following fatal police shooting in September 2020, which District Attorney Heather Adams ruled as justified.

During the riots, Vazquez threw bricks at a Pennsylvania State Police vehicle, lit an umbrella on fire and put it in a Lancaster County Detective vehicle that caused a total loss, threw bricks at the Lancaster City Bureau of Police station’s front door, threw bricks at the front door of the Lancaster city post office, and threw bricks at a Lancaster Parking Authority vehicle. In total, Vazquez caused approximately $63,000 in damage, which he will owe in restitution. During the sentencing hearing it was revealed that Vazquez was on parole for a firearm violation when he committed these crimes and could serve additional time due to the parole violation.

Assistant District Attorney Cody Wade prosecuted the case. LCBOP Detective Heather Halstead and Pennsylvania State Trooper Brian McNally filed charges.

Sourced via CRIMEWATCH


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