New Beginnings in Lebanon City

By Q Hubo News Team

Democrat Aurelis Figueroa officially won her candidacy for Magistrate District Judge against Republican James Capello. Many may think this process is over but this is just the beginning. When Aurelis realized she had won she was speechless. She could not believe what just happened, her goal was to wait until the results were certified before she could claim victory.

“I believe that people saw my pure intention when I was campaigning” said Aurelis ” They could see why I was running, having the desire for a more humane approach in our magistrate district judge office” she proceeded. Aurelis already has a list of non profits she is looking to work with once she is sworn in.

In an interview with Lebanon Daily News she said that she is not looking to make the office of the magistrate district judge a career.

“I want to make people aware of the positions of government that they can run for” she said.

Now that Aurelis has broken what seemed to be a position dominated by the Capello family. For 30 years Thomas Capello was the magistrate district judge and his son aimed to take over the position as a legacy from his dad. What is this new beginning for the city going to look like in the next few years? we do not know. To see the results of having a new community member be in a leadership position like this one is going to take time but for now we are able to enjoy a new beginning.

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