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We are a marketing agency with a financial twist

Welcome to a new age of insurance. We offer protection for all aspects of your life, with low rates & a simple online process.
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Lead Generation Services

Are you looking for leads? We have been able to provide leads to our clients who are looking to increase their sales. Our methods focus on using data about the businesses and industries we have been working with and then executing campaigns through multiple channels to provide the desired results. Our services include: Establishing viable opportunities, Monitoring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns to identify opportunities to improve performance, Increasing awareness of products or services through promotional events such as trade shows, seminars, or speaking engagements, Establish new ad campaigns via Facebook and Google.

Translation Services

Our translation services are top notch, we can provide you with same day delivery of the documents you need translated (subject to the number of documents needed to be translated). Our team of translators has worked for multiple organizations earning their trust and building credibility that lasts forever. Our service include: Make sure the translated content conveys the original meaning and tone Correct translated texts for grammatical, spelling and punctuation accuracy Edit the content in order to keep its original formatting (for example, font and structure) Provide accurate translations of texts.

Web Design Services

Your website represents your business and if your website doesn't look good, your business is in trouble. At Q Hub Business Solutions we offer website design services to help clients ensure they have websites that honor their brands. If you don't have a website or need your website edited, we can help. Our service includes: Attractive and Responsive Landing Page Design Site optimization for maximum speed and scalability Ensuring functionality and stability of the website on all devices, i.e. desktop, mobile, tablet Work with marketing and research teams to incorporate branding elements and relevant market research findings into the website Provide internal support and external customer service throughout the website build and launch process

Google Advertising

Have you ever tried to advertise your business through Google? can be a headache for those who are inexperienced with these. We can help you advertise your business with Google and get more leads and sales for your business, our service include: Research new advertising opportunities and provide recommendations to management on which ones are best for company goals Analyze performance data to identify trends and patterns in order to improve campaign effectiveness Monitor competitor activity to identify any new strategies that may affect business objectives Running advertising campaigns across multiple channels, such as search engines, social media platforms, or mobile devices

Business Forms

Are you having a hard time discovering legal forms? We can help you navigate the complex system in business compliance, our service include the following: Communicate with clients, gathering the necessary documents and information to begin building the required legal forms Help clients with legal compliance questions Help clients with government forms Organize all legal documents confidentially. Perform all initial research and provide information to the client.

Bookeping Services

If you're having a hard time keeping track of your business and finances, we can help! Our services are affordable and will help you keep your business finances organized, our service includes the following: Document transaction details Preparation of financial reports Verification of accounting data Calculate interest charges Record of financial transactions Maintain records of financial transactions through posting and verification Definition of accounting policies and procedures Develop systems for accounting for financial transactions by establishing a chart of accounts Maintenance of subsidiary accounts by posting, verifying and assigning transactions

Website & Social Media Advertising

We have advertising channels to reach thousands of real and organic users through our digital newspaper and radio station. Our service Include: Content creation and optimization for search engines Ensuring that a brand's online presence is consistent across all digital media platforms, Increase brand awareness on social media marketing platforms Coordinate and manage the creation of all digital content such as website, blogs, press releases and podcasts, infographics, videos, etc. Maintain and manage social media channels Post ads through our designated channels

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