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Successful Entrepreneur: Don Leopoldo Sánchez

Amaury Lizardo

Reading, PA- “Every time you see a successful business, someone once made a brave decision” Peter F. Drucker Success is for the brave, that’s why we had the great opportunity to interview one of the most prominent entrepreneurs from Reading Pennsylvania USA. These are the 10 most important questions we asked him.

1) What was his inspiration to start his business?
“It was not an inspiration but a necessity that at the early age of 7, I had to start working in my grandfather’s business, who spent time with me and gave me a pair of sneakers to go to school. Then I worked with an uncle of mine who paid me RD$3 pesos a week. I was very skillful in seeing how my family did all kinds of entrepreneurial ventures, which helped me to have the experience that I have today. After settling here in the US, I studied at the best university, which is the university of life. In all the businesses that I have had the opportunity to be in, they have been successful because of the natural ability I have in business and thank God for this wonderful opportunity. Because after 20 years I managed to become independent”.

2) Why is the business called “Super Natural Produce?
“When we opened the business back then there was a great need, because of the number of people who were obese at that time. Because we wanted to bring you the products that went from the field to the table. Although today we have all kinds of products in the business, we have always thought about the well-being and health of our customers.”

3) What are your goals with your business?
Create a chain of 21 “Super Natural Produce” supermarkets so that I continue to be the head (of the company) and my children and the closest people who work are the ones who run the business. There is a big projection, and we have a mentality of continuing to grow, more and more.

4) Is there any type of project that you would like the community to know about?
“Right now “Super Natural Produce III” is being developed, it is an updated supermarket with a good high-end restaurant, with quality, service and hygiene. It is also going to build one of the first supermarkets in the state of Pennsylvania (Reading) that has two levels. Which will have a cupcake disc factory, to sell wholesale and in our retail store. It will also have spaces for different ranges of products from different Hispanic nationalities. However, this will generate 120 jobs for the entire Reading community.”

5) What message do you give to the youth about starting their own business?

“The first thing is to have tenacity and effort, to be able to start your business venture. I just came from my beloved country Dominican Republic, full of dreams but empty handed. I had to work long and hard to be able to achieve my goals as an entrepreneur. I started earning $270 dollars in a supermarket, and I never set limits for myself. Work tirelessly, because in this country you get paid for what you produce.”

6) What has been the hardest part of running a business?

“Although I knew how to make money, the most difficult part was managing the administrative part of the business and the language (English), which I did not know. But I was able to strengthen that weakness with the help of my children, because they do have the knowledge and preparation in this important area of ​​the business.”

7) Your family works with you, what is your favorite part of working with them?

“My children are my right hand in business, of which I am very proud of each one of them. I enjoy working with my children and grandchildren, who are my favorite part of the business. It fills me with satisfaction that this is a possibility that can continue to develop much more than I was able to achieve and accomplish.”

8) Do you plan to retire one day?
“I have not thought about retiring, because I would like to continue seeing my descendants and those around this business so that they can walk and progress with us, but I do want to take vacations and also work every day focused on continuing to lead, expand and develop the business.”

9) Any other details you would like to share with our readers?
“Everyone who has their dream should not give up, because the limits are set by ourselves. Everything you do, you must do it with love and passion. Because in this way you can achieve all your goals that you set for yourself in life.”

10) Where can we find your business?
“We are currently located in the State of Pennsylvania. probably in the future we may be in different places here in the US.”

The phrase that best defines Don Leopoldo Sánchez as a successful businessman is the following: “The difference between a successful person and one who is not. It is not the lack of strength or knowledge; it is the lack of will.” Vincent Lombardi.

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