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It is not a secret that today's technologies are more advanced as time goes by. But what happens when electronic means are being used inappropriately, that is to say they are not being used correctly, because as we know with the arrival of the internet many doors were opened, it was a step forward in medicine, in studies, and the discovery of countless things that could not be seen before. We can say that today we cannot live without the internet (in quotes). But as I mentioned above, what happens when we misuse it, especially when children and adolescents have access to the internet without control or a person to supervise them?
HARRISBURG, PA (May 11, 2022) – Senator Tim Kearney (D – Delaware/Chester) is pleased to announce that his legislation to address educational inequities throughout the Commonwealth has been formally introduced into the Pennsylvania Senate. The Level Up School Funding Supplement, a component of Gov. Tom Wolf’s FY 2022-23 Budget Proposal would triple the Level Up allocation
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