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The Bulls and Hornets are suddenly 2 of the NBA’s most exciting teams

Zach LaVine and Miles Bridges both had incredible dunks on Wednesday.

The Bulls and Hornets are two of the NBA’s most exciting teams in a delightful turn that has us feeling like it’s 1993 all over again. On Wednesday night both teams gave us two incredible highlight reel dunks, both are some of the best we’ve seen this season.

Zach Lavine lit the court on fire throwing down a two-handed 360 like it was nothing.

It’s just so effortless@NBCSChicago | @ZachLaVine pic.twitter.com/iO8vjW9KMk

— Chicago Bulls (@chicagobulls) November 11, 2021

It’s not just the dunk here, it’s everything surrounding it that made this moment incredible. Lavine’s dunk was made possible thanks to an incredible diving steal from Alex Caruso, fallowed by a ludicrous football pass from Lonzo Ball.

As if that wasn’t enough, immediately after the dunk Lavine started barking at the refs because he was upset he didn’t get a foul on the previous play, and got teched up for his efforts. Not that it really hurt in the end, because the Bulls went on to beat the Mavericks 117-107.

Meanwhile in Memphis, the Hornets put on a show as well. Like Lavine, this came from a another big dunker, Miles Bridges, who threw down a lob that looked impossible.

HOW?! @MilesBridges | #AllFly pic.twitter.com/pI8tjwzLHZ

— Charlotte Hornets (@hornets) November 11, 2021

The Hornets have been using big plays like this to jump start runs all season long, and this was no different. It helped spark a 37 point offensive storm in the fourth quarter to give Charlotte the win over the Grizzlies, 118-108.

While Chicago is certainly the better team, it’s almost like the Bulls and Hornets are inexorably linked. Both struggling to make a big impact for several years, now they’re bouncing back and playing some of the most exciting basketball in the NBA. Each have a Ball brother running the point, both had 10 point wins on Wednesday, each with two of the best dunks of the season.

It’s so beautiful.

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