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The Kings are so bad they made a drunk courtside fan puke during a game

Luke Walton’s last game as Kings coach featuring a drunk fan throwing up while sitting courtside.

The Sacramento Kings have been making their fans sick for the last 15 years. The Kings haven’t made the NBA playoffs since 2006, and they’re off to another disappointing start this season. On Sunday, Sacramento became first team to fire its coach by letting go of Luke Walton. Walton’s final game in Sacramento is going to be remembered for a bizarre incident involving a drunk fan that led to a lengthy break in the Utah Jazz’s win over the Kings on Saturday.

With the Jazz leading the Kings in the fourth quarter, a fan sitting courtside barfed on the floor. The game was paused for about 10 minutes as a cleanup crew frantically tried to get the vomit washed up. The fan remained seated the entire time before being escorted out of the arena.

This was the Kings’ seventh straight loss. Walton was fired the next morning. Here’s video of the puking fan if you can stomach it.


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The reactions from players might be the most entertaining aspect of this. Hassan Whiteside and Eric Paschall were cracking up. Jordan Clarkson interrupted a conversation between Donovan Mitchell and Joe Ingles during a hilarious moment caught on camera. Tristan Thompson looked completely disgusted. Mike Conley couldn’t stop laughing. Harrison Barnes said after the game he’s never seen anything like it during his 10 years in the league.

James Hansen of our Jazz community SLC Dunk made a hilarious video detailing the reactions around the court. This is a moment no one will forget any time soon.

The Kings really have no excuse to be so bad this year. De’Aaron Fox was supposed to make a run at his first All-Star team, Tyrese Haliburton was supposed to build off a fantastic rookie season, and Richaun Holmes and Harrison Barnes were supposed to show they’re one of the NBA’s more underrated front courts. Instead, Fox has badly struggled to shoot the ball, the team’s lack of wings have killed their lineup construction, and the defense still can’t stop anyone.

It’s going to be another trying year for the Kings and their fans, and now they have a true lowlight to remember with their vomiting courtship partisan. At least this has to be rock bottom. Right?

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