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Watch Taylor Swift Roast ‘Three Sad Virgins’ With Pete Davidson in ‘SNL’ Music Video

Hopefully it’s not too late for Taylor Swift to tack a 31st track onto Red (Taylor’s Version), because she just debuted her latest smash hit on Saturday Night Live: “Three Sad Virgins.”

Before taking the stage as the night’s musical guest, Swift joined Pete Davidson for a music video roasting the Please Don’t Destroy comedy trio of Ben Marshall, John Higgins and Martin Herlihy. It all started on a nice note, with Davidson pitching a music video to the guys about how they were all “best friends,” but it took a cruel turn when Davidson declared in the rap parody’s chorus: “All my friends are cool and famous — except these three sad virgins.”

To add insult to injury, Davidson enlisted Swift to craft a perfect bridge for the song like only she can. The singer/songwriter had some choice burns for each guy, starting with “sad Ron Weasley” Ben, then Martin having the “charm and the sex appeal of a scarecrow,” and finally John with his “big-ass bowling ball head.” And they all agree with her line that “none of them have the guts to take their shirt off in front of a girl.”

Of course, things were much more serious minutes later when Swift performed “All Too Well (10 Minute Version)” for the first time on television, starting on a leaf-covered stage and ending with snow falling above her as the ill-fated relationship ran its course. The “From the Vault” track is one of nine bonus songs on the just-released Red (Taylor’s Version), the second in Swift’s series of re-recorded albums.

Watch Swift and Davidson in the “Three Sad Virgins” music video below:

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