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Welcoming our new contributor: Fermin Diaz Fulgencio

Consultant in economic development, business, education and engineering. He has developed projects to improve the integration of Hispanic professionals and technicians in the state of Pennsylvania. He is highly people-oriented and a firm believer in investing in human capital. Fermín has a high knowledge in managing non-profit organizations in the state of Pennsylvania where he is or has been part of the board of directors of the NCAAP, CANDO, Community Care Hospital, Penn State University Hispanic agricultural board, Penn State University Hazleton, Pennstate extension and countless other organizations where he has had the opportunity to contribute. Fermín has been involved in a large number of socio-economic initiatives that range from the creation of leadership programs to infrastructure programs.

He has worked in different engineering consulting firms in the United States where he has had the opportunity to design, manage and inspect works of different levels of scope. He helped promote HB -1172 in the Pennsylvania state legislature, which helps professionals integrate into their work areas. He is an Entrepreneurship Instructor at Pennsylvania State University through its Launchbox Development Centers.

Fermin was also a co-founder of the Hazleton Area Hispanic Professionals Society and laid the groundwork for the founding of the Greater Hazleton Hispanic Merchants Association.
Fermín Díaz is a civil engineer, certified as an engineer in training in the state of New Jersey. He has a master’s degree in construction management and dozens of certifications and trainings in scattered areas because he believes that it is possible to apply different career concepts to improve ours. During the COVID-19 pandemic he was a member of the Luzerne County Emergency Management Committee and Recovery and Resilience Committee which helped distribute funds to businesses affected by COVID-19 in the Greater Hazleton area.

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