This Thanksgiving did not transpire as we had anticipated.. Previously, two weeks prior, my 94-year-old father-in-law, Melvin Zax, endured a cerebrovascular accident after a dialysis session and was immediately taken to a medical center close to where he resides in western New York.. This account was also published on CNN. This text can be freely reproduced concerning the topic of ‘Navigating Aging’. Exploring the health care system associated with senior and end-of-life care is the main focus of Navigating Aging. 45 million seniors and their families in America can benefit from its helpful advice. If you have any concerns or would like to get in touch with Judith Graham, you can click here. You can also read more of her columns. He stayed there for several days during which time he was tested. As the tests kept going, Mel grew increasingly agitated. Mel’s hearing aids weren’t functioning correctly, so he had no idea what was occurring in the bustling hospital. As a result, he was spending sleepless nights. Mel was so severely taken ill that he fell into a disoriented state; this sort of occurrence is all too usual amongst elderly individuals who are hospitalized. For two days, he had to stay in the emergency department, it was the only ongoing medical facility without rooms available. Other hospitals all over the United States are experiencing the same phenomenon, where they are swamped with breathing sicknesses and a plethora of patients due to the Covid-19 crisis, coupled with a depletion of medical personnel.



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