Adele Fans Are Overcome With Emotion From ‘Easy On Me’ Snippet: See the Best Reactions

Adele teased her long-awaited return to music on Tuesday (Oct. 5), and fans are already bursting at the seams with excitement. The British singer gave her devoted listeners a taste of what to expect from her comeback single, “Easy On Me,” by posting a 17-second teaser clip from the song’s official video.

The clip — which is filmed in Adele’s signature black and white color scheme — sees the singer inserting the cassette tape for “Easy on Me” into her vehicle’s tape deck. The song’s piano-driven instrumental plays as Adele drives down an open road, with sheet music flying out of the car’s window and onto the pavement behind her. Though the snippet does not feature any lyrics from the song, several fans of Adele’s are joking that the song has either saved their life, or prematurely sent them into depression.

Fans have been anticipating new music since the “Hello” singer began to place mysterious billboards that featured the number 30 in various areas of the world. New York, London and Paris also received the ’30’ treatment, with the number being projected onto the side of various landmarks in each of the cities. The billboards later served as a confirmation that Adele’s new era was coming after she later matched her Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube pages to match the billboards seen across the world. The fans deduced that the album will likely be titled 30 to follow the format of Adele’s previous releases 25, 21, and 19.

See the best fan reactions to Adele’s “Easy on Me” clip below.

Me having a arguing session with my imaginary boyfriend so i could relate to Adele’s new song.#EasyOnMe pic.twitter.com/FlvjM5Razp

— Pau³⁰ (@mothergussi) October 5, 2021

“adele is coming back in 2 weeks”

the music industry:


— oscar ✩ ³⁰ Adele is coming (@oscarperry_) October 5, 2021

Mitski and Adele both releasing new music…..well it’s over pic.twitter.com/PLZVv4Ycl1

— Mike (@mikesmicYT) October 5, 2021

Adele preparing to drop new music pic.twitter.com/7KsYQPJJyU

— Duncan Lindsay (@DuncanLindsay) October 5, 2021

Easy On Me by Adele out October 15 pic.twitter.com/85354g9sdJ

— ADELE supremacy (@litd21) October 5, 2021

Me after hearing 20 sec of Adele new song pic.twitter.com/Lwp1zxnRnS

— Sal ³⁰ (@holydemii) October 5, 2021

Adele: *Exhales*

Me: pic.twitter.com/ntltje52dX

— Moderna Thee Stallion (@CoreyPTownsend) October 5, 2021

Taylor Swift Adele

Sad girl Autumn

— taylorisloved13 (@taylorisloved13) October 5, 2021

me explaining
everyone how
easy on me by adele
saved my life even
though it isn’t
out yet: everyone: pic.twitter.com/EAjvHCeBGa

— a³⁰ (@adelified) October 5, 2021

me after hearing 0:21 seconds of adele’s new song #EasyOnMe pic.twitter.com/c8p8vYjvOA

— ANDREA ³⁰ (@deIIycat) October 5, 2021

ready for adele to send me into an absolutely devastating depressive spiral from which i may never recover

— Matt Bellassai (@MattBellassai) October 5, 2021

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