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Roughly 70 Lebanon Democratic Committee members met Wednesday to conduct their reorganization meeting and hold their election for core leadership positions.

The Lebanon Democratic meeting held a series of elections for their core leadership positions, including President, Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary, and City and County Vice chairs.

Dan Sidelnick, the Incumbent president of the Lebanon Democratic Committee, did not seek re-election. Matt Duval and Calvin Clements contested the position.

In his speech, Duval spoke about his past connection to the party along with his work throughout the years as a candidate and community organizer. He also told the committee that he would like to establish a model to outlast his term as president.

When it was Clements’s turn to speak before the committee, he echoed his past work within the party as a candidate. He said that considering the polarization of the time, he believes the party needs to be aggressive and competitive if it hopes to make a difference in the midterms and beyond.

After the vote was tallied, Duval won and was elected to a four-year term as the President/Chair of the Lebanon Democratic Committee.

Along with the Presidency, the position of Treasurer was also contested between the incumbent David Haller and challenger Paul Fogel. However, the position never made it to a vote because it was found that Fogel failed to meet the tenure requirement for a committee position.

Cesar B Liriano ran unopposed for the position of Lebanon City Vicechair.

LeAnne Gabor Burchik ran unopposed for the position of Lebanon County Vicechair.

Lorraine Scudder ran unopposed for the position of Recording Secretary.

Pam Tricamo ran unopposed for the position of Corresponding Secretary.

Dave Haller initially ran as opposed, but his opponent withdrew for the position of Treasurer.

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