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Through the We Are Lebanon, PA. platform Erik Soulliard had an interview with Mike Kocher, Vice President of Communications at Align Life Ministries. The interview seeks to take a deeper look into the topic of abortion that goes beyond politics and focuses on the lives of individuals who are affected by the change that this could bring to families in Pennsylvania and Nationwide.
Lebanon, PA- Welcome to this new column on Integrative Health Care. You may also have heard of it by other names, such as Complementary and Integrative Medicine (CAM) or Holistic Health. This has been my passion for many years, even though I worked in the nursing field in traditional medicine all my life. Let me start by explaining what Complementary and Alternative Medicine is. Complementary Health Techniques (not the alternative ones) are used along with your traditional medical care, which is often medication, surgery, or physical therapy.
One of the ways I’ve coped with the COVID-19 pandemic is by looking for the few-and-far-between “silver linings” that have resulted from the event. One such potential silver lining is a lessening of the stigma associated with mental health challenges. Stigma has long plagued seeking, getting access to, and receiving services to help with mental health challenges – everything from seeking short-term counseling for temporarily increased levels of stress and distress to psychiatric treatment for mental health disorders like mood disorders (including depression), anxiety disorders, and addiction.
Lebanon, PA-Who is not familiar with the amygdala hijacking ‘CRUSH IT’ culture? You know; the screaming fitness or business coach telling you to go out and crush it, sleep less, and stomp upon your enemies. It is a wildfire in my profession, and I find it to be one of the unhealthiest behaviors in an industry about health.
 In an era where everyone seems to be discussing mental health, it may be time for each of us to do a self inventory. So many of us relate to the faces of depression, the sad, expressionless, apathetic masks worn by so many suffering from Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). However, many of us face the day with a smile, a sustainable routine and attend to all of our daily needs, including work, children, and other needed obligations. Does this mean we are NOT depressed? Or just not “ happy”, “ satisfied” or is this just considered being “content”?
Teaching is also being the student. I learned a great deal more about my martial arts when I actually had to teach it. I developed a greater awareness of my own physical training through the coaching of my clients. Having to articulate my understanding so others could understand, caused me to look at myself from the outside in. The reciprocal experience of student and teacher is the portal to great magic.