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Worldwide, modern slavery is on the rise, and with it, goods and products made under forced labor. The work usually takes place under poor conditions, violence, or threat of violence. The EU Commission is now proposing a ban on the sale and import of products made with forced labor. 

The climate crisis threatens the lives and culture of the inhabitants of the Torres Strait Islands. Yessie Mosby is one of them. He has long been concerned about rising sea levels. The salt water not only washes away homes and roads, but also the sacred burial sites of the indigenous population. 

A new family law is now in effect in Finland that redefines the length of parental leave and the amount or duration of child care benefits. For both parents. For the first time, both mothers and fathers are entitled to parental leave of the same length.  

Shipping, while essential for trade, contributes significantly to the emissions that cause climate change. Global shipping spews out 3% of worldwide greenhouse gases (GHG). With the maritime industry responsible for transporting no less than 90% of world commerce, there is increasing pressure on the sector to reduce its carbon footprint swiftly.  

The world’s largest trial of a 4-day week in the UK has got off to a successful start and is showing initial positive results. CNN Business questioned employees and participating companies: Many do not want to go back to the long working hours after the test phase – that’s how successful the reduction in working hours has been so far.