While the book draws from his personal experiences, the primary message focuses more on the human aspects of the process. Aminov writes that in an era of political showmanship and partisanism, local politics often get caught up in the crossfire of the state and national level when it simply does not have to.

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More than 14,000 women in the United States are diagnosed with invasive cervical cancer each year, and nearly 4,300 died from the disease in 2022 according to the National Cancer Institute.

Lancaster, PA- Today we were able to do a thorough review on crime statistics and answer the question of “is crime on the rise or not?”

Gas prices have greatly accelerated from mid-pandemic levels when no one was driving and gas was $1.68/gallon. A barrel of oil could barely fetch twenty dollars, far below the cost of production. Obviously, new drilling was not going to happen in a market that did not yield profit.

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