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HARRISBURG, PA (May 11, 2022) – Senator Tim Kearney (D – Delaware/Chester) is pleased to announce that his legislation to address educational inequities throughout the Commonwealth has been formally introduced into the Pennsylvania Senate. The Level Up School Funding Supplement, a component of Gov. Tom Wolf’s FY 2022-23 Budget Proposal would triple the Level Up allocation
Over the past four years, the Penn State College of Medicine REACH project has been working in the Lebanon and Berks community. With the grant funding, the program builds strong partnerships, makes connections, guides and supports programs and assists with projects across both counties. We are proud to work in your community and want to share more about the REACH project.
"I am least concerned how this will affect my Senate campaign." Clements told Q'Hubo News. "The voters need to know this man is a liar and disrespects the tenants of American democracy. Subsequent to his actions on Jan 6th, he held a collusion meeting in Gettysburg and established alternate electors which is not found in the US or PA constitution. I believe this is further evidence of intent to subvert the US Constitution. "Although this lawsuit may not have a quick enough timeframe prior to the primary, there could still be enough time prior to the general election.