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Cesar Liriano is looking to make history by becoming the first Hispanic man to become the Mayor of Lebanon

Cesar Liriano

Published Nov, 01, 2021, 2:04pm

By Q Hubo News Team

Cesar Liriano is looking to make history by becoming the first Hispanic man to be elected Mayor of Lebanon. He came from Dominican Republic when he was Nineteen years old. Cesar has been in Lebanon, Pennsylvania for 17 years. Lebanon, Pennsylvania, a city that is 44 percent Hispanic according to Census data, has been rapidly growing its Hispanic community in the past 3 years. When hurricane Maria passed through Puerto Rico, many were affected and had to migrate.

Lebanon had an influx of predominantly Puerto Rican’s coming into the city of Lebanon due to this natural disaster. Because of the changing demographics of this city the political climate has been transforming by an increased of Hispanics getting involved in local politics. This is when Cesar comes in the picture. Running for office is not Cesar’s first rodeo. At one point he got elected to be in the School Board in Lebanon city. That experience helped him shape his vision for the city of Lebanon.

What is surprising about Cesar is that he has been involved with multiple organizations. He has been part of the policy council of Head Start. He has been an assistant baseball coach in his school district and he is currently a board member of Union Community Care, Junto de Lebanon and Our Voices Count.

“I am running for office because Lebanon is a beautiful city that has a lot of potential, specially for young people, investors, business owners and currently we are not taking advantage of that” Liriano said.

Cesar’s mission is to lead a city where youth have a lot more options for sports. He wants to create a place where investors want to put their money. Liriano’s goal is to build better relationships with landlords and where the community could enjoy a healthier relationship with the police.

“This is the fourth time I run for office” said Liriano. The question that arises is wether the community is ready for a new face or keep the status quo by giving incumbent Sherry Capello another term. Would Cesar run for office again? According to him, he would. His love for the city of Lebanon is a the evident tale that a person can make home anywhere their hearts desires to do so.

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