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In the months leading up to the development and transition of the new Lebanon City Municipal building, the Lebanon City Council reviewed or accomplished very little in its session agendas.

Between January and June 2022, the City Council reviewed one legislative item: an ordinance to add last year’s already passed ordinances into a new codified book.

Additionally, the June City Council agenda was minimal, containing only the monthly budget update, one department update, and one communication item. The Council completed the pre-council meeting for June in just 11 minutes.

While Monday’s City Council meeting proved productive, it was because multiple community members brought issues to the Council for discussion during the session.

As a result, the City Council’s June agenda ultimately represented yet another slow month.

During the open floor section, however, City Council Member Chris Miller voiced his opinion that the Council could be accomplishing more. He also asked Mayor Capello directly what she believes the Council should achieve during the year’s second half.

Councilperson Miller said, “I look at tonight’s agenda, and obviously we’ve had an extended conversation about something that is important, but I look at an agenda like tonight’s, and I say to myself, yea it’s great in June, July, or August to get out of here early, but I feel like we could be pushing a little bit harder and getting a little more done during these sessions.”

Mayor Capello said the City Hall move and its arbitrations with union contracts have taken up much of her office’s time even though it does not necessarily involve the City Council. She said she would write out a plan for council members to review in the near future in response to Councilperson Miller’s request.

For access to the complete summary of the meeting, please click here.

The pre-council meeting for next month will be on July 21st at 4:45 pm; the regular session of the Lebanon City Council is on July 23rd at 6:30 pm. All City Council meetings are open to the public and held in the Dixon Council Chamber, located at 735 Cumberland St. Preregistration is not required for attendance.

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