Is there something impossible? Guadalupe Islas will tell you that everything is possible for those who believe.

Several years ago, Guadalupe Islas was able to take advantage of the deferred action program for childhood arrivals in the Obama era, better known as DACA.

More than one in twenty Dreamers who were protected by DACA have started their own businesses in the United States. Among Dreamers who are over 25, that number grows to 8 percent, according to a recent survey by United We Dream, the National Immigration Law Center and the Center for American Progress.

Guadalupe Islas, in 2018 moved from Houston to Camp Hill Pennsylvania, where she worked as a dental assistant and when the Covid 19 pandemic arrived, she was unable to continue practicing that profession. From that moment on, she had to figure out how to continue supporting her family, so she began to check on the internet what she could do to generate income.

At that time, she began to make Mini Pancake from her house and then deliver it to her home. To the extent that they were welcomed by her public, she introduced other products and drinks. During that time, she was also making all the preparations for the logo, name of the business and everything related to be able to be ready as soon as the pandemic ends, thus establishing itself in a specific place with all the requirements that are needed to launch your own business. Yum Yum Mini Pancake Bar & More, which began its opening in December 2021.

Just as a woman’s pregnancy takes time for the baby to grow inside the womb, in the same way her dream of having her own business grew. Which took her more than two years, to see it come true. She had a lot of help from her family, as well as the help of her daughters on weekends to be able to continue due to the lack of personnel to remain open.

“As a mother and as a businesswoman, I feel very proud to be an example for my daughters to follow, despite having had my first daughter when she was 17 years old. I went through a lot of very hard moments, but I was able to get ahead.” Guadeloupe expressed.

In the bible she says that for God there is nothing impossible, and this extraordinary woman, although she had to go through a very difficult circumstance in her life. There were seasons in which she was at the point of giving up, she cried and told herself that she will no longer be able to keep going, but every time he saw her daughters and seeing the whole process that she had gone through. She stood her ground and continued to believe that she could achieve her dreams of being an exemplary and entrepreneurial mother to take her family forward.

Currently if you want to try different flavors both sweet and salty and want to taste the best freshly made warm Mini Pancakes, hot and cold drinks and something else with its special homemade touch, you can do so at Yum Yum. Within its range of variety in her menu you can also find: Conchas de tres Leches, churros, Bubble Waffle, Elotes, Horchata and Milkshakes, among others.

If you want to spend a cozy moment and be treated as you would like to be received in a great restaurant, we recommend that you go to Yum Yum Mini Pancake Bar & More, which is located at 3401 Hartzdale Dr Suite 131, Camp Hill, PA 17011. From 11:00 am: a. m. to 6: p. m. from Tuesday to Sunday. Mondays they are closed. “Permanence, perseverance and persistence despite all obstacles, discouragements and impossibilities: that is what distinguishes strong souls from weak ones” (Thomas Carlyle)

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