Suzzane Stewart, Gretna Music President

It’s always exciting to us when fellow community members reach out with ideas that lead to connections based on a shared love of great music.  When we booked Eddie Palmieri, one of my first calls was to Rafael Torres, president of WEPA – Working to Empower People for Advancement in Lebanon County. WEPA is also a term Puerto Ricans use to exclaim excitement and joy.

Because if you are going to have one of the greatest Puerto Rican musicians to ever live, you need to have Puerto Rican food. Enter Sabor Criollo Restaurant of Lebanon. And if you going to have food, then beer would be good too. Enter Mt. Gretna Craft Brewery.   And what is Latin Music without some Latin dancers? Rafael led us to Miguel who led us to a connection for that too. So, this concert has now become an event. Hit that Buy Tickets button above! Answer in the question at the end of our purchase if you are interested in purchasing food for $10 a plate, or vanilla and coconut flan for $5 so Sabor Criollo knows how much to bring. 

And don’t forget the whole reason we are coming together: One of the finest pianists of the last half-century, 10-time Grammy winner Eddie Palmieri is a legendary bandleader and composer of salsa and Latin music. A son of Puerto Rican immigrants, Eddie first surprised the critics in the 1960s by mixing American jazz with Afro-Caribbean rhythms. He did it again by merging what were considered “Black” and “Latin” styles in the 70s.

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