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Editorial: 3 steps to successfully date in a small community

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Lebanon, Pa- Have you ever felt that you do not want to go on a date with someone in the community because what would happen if things do not work and then people in the community will know what happened? We at Q Hubo News would like to give you a guide about dating in a small community. This simple and yet effective guide is to help you in your dating life if you live in a community where it seems like everyone knows each other. The COVID-19 Pandemic changed in some ways the dynamic of how people date, therefore we want to be sensitive to your approach to dating, by no means this guide is supposed to be an all knowing perspective into this topic but instead a starting point on how to be safe and enjoy your dates. A the end of this list there are some places we recommend you to take your Valentine to enjoy a great night out.

1-Always meet in public places:

Okay…this might seem like an obvious call but many people have fallen victims of meeting with their potential date in a place that is not as safe. This is more common for those of you who are using dating apps. When you are meeting for the first time with someone you do not know, it is always a good idea to meet in a place where there will be other people around and where you know you’d be safe. What happens if you already know the person? In our opinion it is always a good idea to meet in public spaces and yes, you may really like the person or maybe you do not want anything serious out of the encounter but to avoid yourself trauma, why not safely date people in the first place?

2-Small community, more information

If you want to have a good time and do not want to waste being with someone that will end up being a bad person to go on a date with, it will be a good idea to ask those around you if they know anything about the person you are going on a date with. Now, do not only ask one or two people, ask couple of people so that you have a point of reference. You may find out the drama that revolves around that person and safe yourself from being in a vortex of craziness, because you need that calmness in your life, we already have a global pandemic to deal with, we do not need more drama, right?

3-Don’t rush things

Okay, let’s assume you met someone in your community and now you have been going on dates with the same person, this is when the proverbial phrase “Do not rush things” comes in. You want to make sure you are committed for the relationship to work but also you do not want to go so fast that eventually you regret not taking more time to get to know the person you are dating. Specially when you are living in a small community, you want to make sure that if you realize things are not going to work out, that you end things before they get complicated.

3 places to take your date for nice Valentine’s dinner in Lebanon

Trattoria Fratelli, 502 E Lehman St, Lebanon, PA 17046

Trattoria Fratelli, Taken from Facebook

Red Headed League, 33 S 8th St, Lebanon, PA 17042

Read Headed League, Taken from Facebook

Blue Bird Inn, 2387 Cornwall Rd, Lebanon, PA 17042

Bluebird Inn, Taken from Facebook
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