Vandon Tricamo, Certified Personal Trainer

How we think affects how we behave. Our bad habits and behaviors are linked to our thinking patterns and our emotional wellbeing. Overindulgent habits such as alcohol, nicotine, laziness, overeating, habitual lying and negative attitude are all expressions of our emotional status. Stress and anxiety is often worn on the sleeve manifest as our behaviors. 

Emotional reprogramming begins with acknowledging that which we want to change. The next step is to seek why we do the thing we want to change. Then we have to implement alternative ways of thinking and new habits. 

The first step: acknowledging that you want to change. This usually happens after we experienced an adverse affect to our current programming. We suffer some form of calamity. The bad behavior has finally gotten so bad that we trip and fall really hard. It wakes us up. If we can choose to change before it gets that bad, that is good. But all too often we have to burn ourselves first to realize the stove is hot.

The second step: discovering why we hold the bad habits involves some soul searching. We have to be brutally honest about what kind of grief, guilt, anger, or self-hatred we may be holding. We have to be truthful about it. Realize it is the reason for our self-destructive behaviors and then let it go.

The third step it a doozy. Changing a habit and how we think takes a lot of discipline. 

Here are a few tools that can help:

1) Ask friends and family to help. Express your interest and commitment for wanting to change. Ask them to help hold you accountable. 

2) Find a training buddy. Partner up with someone dealing with their own bad habit/ addiction and motivate each other to maintain the discipline to change.

3) consider meditation practice to assist in dissipating the urges to indulge.

Realizing that the root of our bad habits is the way we think.

4) using external stimuli tools such as rings, necklaces, Mala beads, images on the cabinets, doors etc.

5) substitute alternatives. Instead of overeating – do some stretches or go for a run. Instead of smoking a cigarette – chew some gum. Instead of expressing anger – consider compassion and interconnectedness. Find external stimuli to encourage actively living rather than passively reacting.

I know. All this is easier said than done. But if you make no effort then you will never make any change.

If your interested in chatting about how I can help you through coaching, meditation and training techniques; send me a message.

A healthy mind and spirit is just as important as a healthy body. That is why at Moon Dragon Fitness we don’t just sling iron, run sprints and punch stuff. The Yin/ Yang balance in all things ensures better health.


Certified Personal Trainer, Moon Dragon Fitness

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