By Jacob Keiter

Living in Pennsylvania we have become accustomed to sharing the road with horse and buggies, traveling out of state to swim in the ocean, and of course visiting the happiest place on earth; Hershey.As a child Hersheypark and Chocolate World was in short a dream come true. You are at the center of all of the magic, and get to truly witness the beauty and science behind chocolate. The smell flows through the air and when it hits your nostrils you can’t help but smile.

Jacob Keiter

As a child I remember singing along with the moo cows, rushing to every roller coaster at Hersheypark, and gathering as many souvenirs as possible. But as an adult, is the magic still there? I recently attended Hersheypark and even acquired a season pass to see if the nostalgia was still alive. Entering the newly built Chocolate town was like walking into a movie. Everything is easily accessible from the center of it all. Once we proceeded into the park we were greeted with a new roller coaster Candymonium.

Jacob Keiter

Now, I was always used to snagging a seat on The Comet before any other ride, but this one was right in our face. I must admit this ride was awesome and intense! I continued to proceed my way through the park as usual, hitting each and every rollercoaster along the way until I reached the end of the park. Just being able to see the enthusiastic children and spectators, hearing the screams and shrieks of the park, and the smell of the amusement park food was enough to keep a smile on my face throughout the whole experience. So as an adult is it possible to still enjoy the park? In short, yes. It’s a different experience than that from a child perspective, but the nostalgia was present enough for me to have a memorable and exciting experience. With the park and surrounding attractions continuing to expand and grow, I can admit this remains the happiest place on earth.

Jacob Keiter
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