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Former Lebanon City Councilperson Raises the Issue of Unfair Salaries in the June 2022 City Council Meeting.

At Monday’s Council Meeting, Lebanon City resident and former city council member Pat Royer raised a concern regarding what she said was the “unfair” treatment of employees in the city government.

Royer said that several people have come to her with a rumor that the newly hired Facility Security Manager of Lebanon’s City Hall is making between $69,000-$75,000 a year, which is well above the starting salary for a police officer which, after recent union contract agreements, starts at $57,000 per year.

Royer said that while she was not coming to the Council at the request of any Lebanon City police officers, she was speaking as a community advocate for them. She said that she believes that the City has demonstrated apparent unfairness to its employees if the rumor she heard is true.

Although she did not mention names directly, Royer ended her comments by saying, “I believe it is called nepotism.”

Council Member Brian Martin said he also was asked about this rumor by multiple people.

Mayor Capello recused herself by saying that she was not directly involved in the hiring process for the position. She also said the City posted the job announcement online but has a policy of hiring within.

The Mayor stated that the position does not pay more than the starting salary for a police officer.

City Solicitor Donna Brightbill also said that HACC pays 40% of this position’s salary.

According to Lebanon City’s 2022 budget that passed at the end of 2021, between July-December, the Facilities Security Personnel salary was $39,780; however, it does not include what the pay would be for the entire year.

For access to the complete summary of the meeting, please click here.

The pre-council meeting for next month will be on July 21st at 4:45 pm; the regular session of the Lebanon City Council is on July 23rd at 6:30 pm. All City Council meetings are open to the public and held in the Dixon Council Chamber, located at 735 Cumberland St. Preregistration is not required for attendance.

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