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Are you unhappy with your life as it is? Do you wish you could:

  • Make a lot more money?
  • Have a better job?
  • Have better relationships? 
  • Own your own home or a nicer home?
  • Feel like a winner? 
  • Be a winner?

If you would like to improve your life, the first thing you have to do is make a plan–a plan to win. You say you don’t know how to do that? Well read what I’ve got here for you and give it a try. You really don’t have anything to lose, but lots to gain!

Here’s a story for you. My husband and I met Fran, a friend of a friend, when we were visiting in Arizona. Fran, who looked to be in her late 30s, told us her story. She was born in Mexico and her father was very abusive, so her mother moved her and her siblings to Arizona, even though they didn’t know English. There she married an American man, but he turned out to be abusive as well. They were quite poor, but the children went to school and learn English.

When Fran was almost finished high school, she realized she had two choices for after she graduated: she could get some kind of job and make a low salary or she could take out school loans and go to college. She chose to go to college by taking out a lot of school loans. Once she graduated from college, she took out more school loans and got a Master’s degree.

Fran then got a very good job as a health care administrator, paid off her school loans, and bought herself an adorable home that we got to see. A happy ending because she knew she wanted to have a good future and she made a plan to get it.

The first step is think about what you want. Make it something you really want a lot and truly wish you could have. Let’s use the example of wanting more money from a better paying job. So close your eyes, get comfortable, and relax. Then picture in your mind what life would be like if you had more money. Picture what your house and furniture would be like. Picture what nice car you would have. Picture whatever else you think that you would want to do if you had more money, like take the family on a vacation to Disneyworld.

Be sure to picture things very strongly; do your best to visualize them clearly. Use your senses, like this:

  • How do things look? What do you see, in detail? Is there any action happening? What is the scene that you want to actually be in, if you had that amount of money?
  • What sounds might you hear? Make them what you want to hear, like music or people talking or laughing.
  • Do your best to feel what you would feel if you were actually there. Feel the happiness, the relief, the relaxation if you had money and were in that scene.

Stay visualizing and feeling like you’re in the scene for a while, at least a few minutes. Do this every day, even several times a day. You can make it the same scene each time or change it to a different scene. You might want to write down, to journal about what you want and how these scenes look and feel.

Next, it’s time to make a plan how to get what it is that you want. Think carefully about what would get you to your goal. Also look online for ideas. You also might want to read books about how to achieve what you want. Talk to people who have done what you want to do. Break down what you have learned into small steps and decide what order you are going to do them in. Once again, visualize in your mind yourself doing each of those steps. Great athletes visualize what they want to physically do before they actually do it.

If you want to do better in life than you already are, visualize yourself after you have achieved it. Then figure out what steps it would take to get there and visualize yourself doing those steps. Then it’s time to for you to take action!

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