Alisher Aminov

LEBANON, Pa. — As a part of the Lebanon City Council’s Monday meeting, the Council voted on a bill to authorize the adoption of a Second Amendment to the Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement entered into by six Lebanon County municipalities to implement the Lebanon Area Regional Pollution Reduction Plan.

The Council voted on the bill 5-0. The terms of the agreement can be viewed in the images attached below.

The agreement pertains explicitly to a regional pollution reduction plan. However, it primarily relates to the stormwater drain fee and the implementation of the stormwater drain system.

The amendment will standardize the time alignment between the agreement and the permits the municipalities need to conduct the work.

For more information on the Pennsylvania State, Pollutant Reduction Plan, visit

The next Pre-City Council meeting will be on February 23 at 4:45 PM, and the City Council meeting will be on February 27 at 6:30 in the Frank Dixon Council Chamber at 735 Cumberland St. All are welcome to attend.

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