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LEBANON, Pa.—The Lebanon City Council met to review their monthly agenda and listen to a department update from the Director of Public Works in Lebanon City.

During the pre-council meeting on Thursday Robin Getz, Director of Public Works, gave the City Council a department update.

Getz informed the council that, in accordance to the city’s street re-paving plan, the city will begin the re-paving of 10th street on Monday. She said that the range of the project is between Coleman Park through the triangle at 9th, 10th Cornwall road, and Poplar street.

Getz said that this project was contracted through New Enterprise, and the bid was set at $1.783 million. Additionally, she said that the city is planning to release information on their social media platforms to help residents navigate the projects in tandem with the road work.

Getz said that the city plans to make improvements to its storm water draining system, and is currently in the process of getting the project ready for bid. She said that the city plans to improve the storm water transferal systems at 5th/6th street, 4th and Lehman street, and Reinhold street.

Getz said that the city is also planning the 2024 street scape project between 4th-12th streets on Cumberland Street. She also said that the city is planning to redo the street-scaping (area of sidewalk) between this range, which will begin in spring of 2023.

Getz also said that the city is in the process of planning street repaving projects between Lehman street from Lincoln ave to city line, Maple Street from where the project line is at 9th/10th east to city line, 12th street from Cumberland north to the bridge by Guilford, 7th street from the city line south to Elm street, Washington street, 16th street from Green to Oak street, Oak from 12th street to city line, and south 11th street from Washington to Elm street.

In closing, Getz said that despite the city having various supply difficulties in the wake of covid-19 they are still moving forward on various project. She also said that the city is in the process of advertising for vacant positions.

In other business,

The mayor gave a budget update for the fiscal year 2022. She said that the city is 58% through the fiscal year, has collected 72% of revenue, and has spent 43% of budgeted expenditures.

Mayor Capello informed the council of the reappointment of James Faren to the Lebanon Planning Commission for a four-year term. She said that Faren has served on the committee since 2004.

Bill No. 2 passed final reading, which will allow the city to sell a residential property that it current owns. The building will go up for public auction in October.

Bill No. 4 passed final reading, which will update the language for the Bureau of Fire. Mayor Capello said that Lebanon is currently only one of two municipalities that uses terms such as Fire Commissioner over Fire Chief, and that by making the change the city will have more compatible language for its fire department.

Bill No. 4 pass introduction, which will require participants of the Lebanon City Council meetings to sign a sign-in sheet upon entry to council meetings.

The next pre-city council meeting will be on Thursday, September 22nd at 4:45 pm in the Dixon Council Chamber located at 735 Cumberland Street, and the City Council meeting will be on Monday, September 26th, at 6:30 in the Dixon Council Chamber located at 735 Cumberland Street.

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