Harrisburg, Pa- In an article recently published by PennLive the story of how Leyla Monroy passed away in Harrisburg was shared in detail. According to the story Leyla had finished her shift from work when she headed out back home, a tragedy happened. Leyla was struck by a vehicle only minutes later from finishing work. The van did a U-turn on Market St in the city of Harrisburg.

The accident was fatal as she ended up under the van according to the story, and sadly, she passed away three days later from the critical injuries. She is not the only one who has suffered critical injuries in that part of town according to the report. The driver who did the U-turn did the move in the middle of the block which is a legal move according to authorities as long as it is done with clear signal lights and done safely.

The police are currently investigating the case to see if the driver used the turn signal and how the crash happened. When the accident happened, it took days before officials were able to identify her as she did not have many personal belongings with her, and her family comes from South America. Leyla Monroy’s brother and mother flew into Harrisburg as soon as they found out about the tragedy and hosted a vigil in memory of her.

Leyla’s Monroy family members decided to stay until investigations are complete and also started a fundraiser where they will use funds to find justice and help pay for funeral expenses.

Leyla Monroy

She lived in different parts of the country before getting settled in Harrisburg where she worked to pay bills, but her dream was to be an artist. She made jewelry, accessories and also painted. When they were looking at the surveillance camera of the restaurant her brother noticed that she always had the same routine of putting on her safety light before heading home. Her brother said that she was not drinking before the accident happened, but she was rather working and pursuing her dreams before the crash killed her and her dreams along with her.

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