Here is the formula:

#1) you must absolutely eat clean and pay attention to your caloric intake. 

#2) you need to be consistently doing some form of physical training for a minimum of 30 min. a day for a minimum of 5 days a week.

#3) you need a strong and peaceful mind with a double dose of patience and consistency to stay the course.

A lot of us have trouble with consistency. Doing something that takes time with slow gradual progress requires patience and the ability to show up. We can’t go for a 30 min walk and then look in the mirror for results. This is an area that Personal Trainers, like myself, can be the grand wizards of your journey. Because in addition to holding you accountable, we also make sure you do it correctly for maximum return without risk of injury.

Diet is definitely  #1 . 

Food is our medicine and it is what creates our body composition. Literally, we are what we eat. If someone ate very clean, walked 30 min a day and had a good daily stretching routine they would feel and look amazing. 

The good news is, it is a proven scientific guarantee to work if you do it correctly. 

Here it is again:

Eat cleanly, move the body correctly and frequently enough, and have a healthy mind.

Do not turn to those drinks, trinkets, fads, pills, audiobooks, and supplements. The pills and drinks are mostly all scam. A multibillion dollar predatory industry relies on people not being able to eat good and consistently work out. All of this is bait to our quick results culture. There are a few supplements that can be useful but if your eating good, you do not need them.  It is all distraction noise. Get in there and do it correctly and RAW. Just you putting in the work fueled by food from the earth.

What kind of training and physical work should you be doing?

First one on the list is mobility. Getting all of your natural born joints and limbs to move the way they were intended. This is very important. You don’t want to go lifting weights on a joint that cannot move its full range of mobility.

Second one is some form of resistance training. Weights, bands, or body weight exercises that will stimulate muscle growth and protein synthesis.

Third is some form of cardio. A modality of training that causes your heart rate to rise and strengthen your cardiovascular system.

There is a multitude of mediums all of these can be done in. Choose the forms you find most enjoyable. Yoga and swimming … Qigong and martial arts … gym life and jogging … YouTube stretch guru and playing soccer with the kids …

But, you must be doing something consistently. Minimum 30 min a day for 5 days a week.

There it is. It is pretty simple. It is just not easy. Simple formula with a difficult execution. 

I wish everyone the most in their journey. You will fall. So what. Get up and go again. 

If your interested in a personal trainer. Here I am. Lets talk. Lets begin. Lets do this.


Certified Personal Trainer, Moon Dragon Fitness

Vandon Tricamo

Certified Personal Trainer, Moon Dragon Fitness


‘Mind Moves – Body Moves’ – Neil Ripski

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