Meeting Jesus Rivera- From warehouse worker to business owner

By Q Hubo News Team

We all have heard stories of businesses closing during the pandemic. It is not new information that most of us were struggling during this time. Yet, out there, we have people like Jesus Rivera. People that look at adversity and say ” I will make something out of nothing”. Jesus is from San German, Puerto Rico but life brought him to Lebanon, Pennsylvania.

An alumni from Lebanon High School, his life was altered by the birth of one of his daughters. Becoming a father at an early age did not stop his parents from pushing him to be his best self. For more than 11 years he worked in warehouses after graduating; all of this to provide for his family.

Nonetheless, he wanted something more for his life. Eventually, over the weekends he started auto detailing as a hobby. His first clients? Like any other rookie entrepreneur, friends and family were his guinea pigs.

5 years after he started this hobby, the unexpected happened. A global pandemic is not something we grow up to know how to manage. Pandemics do not happen so often that we have to learn how to deal with them; This was no different for Jesus. Having two daughters to take care of and no access to babysitters due to covid-19, him and his wife has to make a difficult decision. As a couple one of them had to leave their job. That moment is when Jesus made the decision to focus on his auto detailing hobby and turn it into a business. “I had to bring food and money into the House” said Jesus.

During the first year of the pandemic, Jesus operated from a small garage in Lebanon city. It was not until a year later that a shop owner in the city gave him a call and offered him a proper spot for Jesus to take his business to the next level.

For Jesus, this business is not a new idea. Jesus started cleaning cars when he was a little kid. He loved cleaning cars. His business was not born only out of necessity, it was also out of passion.

Now he is encouraging other fellow entrepreneurs to do as he did and work hard for their goals.

“In the Process of starting my business I have learned, that no matter how hard things seem you fight and work towards your goals. I also learned that When starting a business if you want to to be successful one important thing is to make a plan and write out what you would like to achieve.”

Jesus Rivera

More information about his business can be found by searching Rivera Auto Spa LLC on Facebook. Jesus did not let the pandemic be in the way of his dreams. His determination is a legacy that our dreams are possible to achieve.

Jesus and his family in front of his business
Jesus and his family in front of their new location

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