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A Proclamation on Child Health Day, 2022

  Across America, parents are united by a common dream that their children’s lives will be healthier, happier, and more promising than their own.  On Child Health Day, we rededicate ourselves to making that dream a reality and recommit to providing every child with the quality health care, child care, and education they need to thrive.

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Op-Ed: All the King’s Horses

The Harrisburg legislature is broken! We, the taxpayers, pay our legislators $21 Million in salary alone, not including vacation pay, health insurance, committee pay, per diems, office expenses and retirement and get almost nothing in the way of legislative return. In total, we are spending approximately $50 Million dollars annually for a handful of bills that are passed into law.

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Candidate Profile: Alex Khalil

Alexandria (Alex) Khalil is a candidate running for United States Senate to replace outgoing Senator Pat Toomey. I will break down this article into two parts: 1) background information and 2) her candidacy for U.S. Senate.

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“For years, the Senate of Pennsylvania has been mindful of the dangers of allowing Russian monopoly to continue in the region”

Harrisburg, Pa-“We cannot allow Russia’s unprovoked attack against Ukraine to go unanswered. This invasion demands a swift, strong response from the United States and the rest of the world.”

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Rehabilitating spinal cord injury and stroke with graphene and gaming

Few human injuries are as catastrophic as those to the spine. An accident, disease or act of violence affecting the spine can result in poor function – even paralysis – almost anywhere in the body. 

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Climate Solutions

Analysis: Does a Local Social Media Campaign Have An Impact Around Climate Change Policies?

“However, a US study raises concern with such positive findings, as here the internet was not found to have any positive effect on political interest, efficacy, and knowledge (Richey & Zhu, 2015).

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With Memory So Malleable, Can We Ever Know What’s Real?

Last November, the acclaimed novelist Alice Sebold publicly apologized to a man she had wrongly accused of raping her in 1982, when she was 18 and a student at Syracuse University. After she identified him in court as her rapist, Anthony Broadwater was imprisoned for 16 years.

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Wolf Administration Announces Scranton Has Successfully Terminated Distressed Municipality Status Under Act 47

Press Release Scranton is seventh municipality to recover from distressed status under …

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Candidate Profile: Malcolm Kenyatta

Malcolm Kenyatta said that the primary staple of his platform is what he calls “America’s Basic Bargain,” which he explained is a person’s ability to be financially stable on one good job, their children can go to a good school, they can go to see a doctor if they get sick (and afford prescribed medication), and can retire with a level of dignity.

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Op-Ed: Rush to Marijuana Legalization for Recreational Use Ignores Real Public Health and Safety Concerns

Marijuana is not as harmless as some who favor legalization claim, and the science is clear. The National Institutes of Health, the Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland Clinic and the World Health Organization all agree that marijuana is an addictive substance that can trigger dependency and withdrawal symptoms. 


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Opinion: Should we protect nature for its own sake? For its economic value? Because it makes us happy? Yes

As spring phases into summer in North America, with trees flowering and birds migrating, nature seems abundant. In fact, however, the Earth is losing animals, birds, reptiles and other living things so fast that some scientists believe the planet is entering the sixth mass extinction in its history.

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Local activism can lead to global impact

By Jeff Falk Lebanon, Pa -If not now, when? If …

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Analysis: Does a Local Social Media Campaign Have An Impact Around Climate Change Policies?

“However, a US study raises concern with such positive findings, as here the internet was not found to have any positive effect on political interest, efficacy, and knowledge (Richey & Zhu, 2015).


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Legal work-related immigration has fallen by a third since 2020, contributing to US labor shortages

With Americans having fewer children and the nation’s labor force getting older, many employers in manufacturing, aviation and other industries are having trouble finding enough workers.

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School start times and screen time late in the evening exacerbate sleep deprivation in US teenagers

With the school year underway around the U.S., parents and caregivers are once again faced with the age-old struggle of wrangling groggy kids out of bed in the morning. For parents of preteens and teenagers, it can be particularly challenging.

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New study seeks to explain the ‘Mandela Effect’ – the bizarre phenomenon of shared false memories

The term “Mandela Effect” was coined by Fiona Broome, a self-described paranormal researcher, to describe her false memory of former South African president Nelson Mandela dying in prison in the 1980s. She realized that many other people also shared this same false memory and wrote an article about her experience on her website. The concept of shared false memories spread to other forums and websites, including Reddit.


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We tend to underestimate our future expenses – here’s one way to prevent that

When asked to estimate how much money they would spend in the future, people underpredicted the total amount by more than C$400 per month. However, when prompted to think about unexpected spending in addition to typical expenses, people made much more accurate predictions.

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Fed likely to stay the course on interest rate hike as inflation ticks up but gas prices ease

The Federal Reserve received mixed news in the latest data on U.S. inflation as it mulls another rate hike.

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Several Ways Homebuyers Can Win in Today’s Market

It’s no secret that many prospective homebuyers are finding the current real estate market challenging.  This has resulted in a robust market where sellers are seeing advancing home sales prices and multiple offers.

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Educational: Inflation – A Targeted Attack on the Middle Class?

The U.S. economy is a hot topic in the 2022 midterm election. Candidates, analysts, and voters all seem to agree that the economy will be a deciding factor.

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Small Business: Five Tax Advantages of Self Employment

Philadelphia, PA- Self-employment not only offers control over your time, arguably your most precious resource, but also provides a myriad of tax benefits that are not available to traditional employees. Following are snippets of five tax advantages available to self-employed individuals.

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People’s Action Institute and Data for Progress Unveil New Poll Showing Critical Need and Bipartisan Support for Housing Repairs

Data for Progress and People’s Action Institute today unveiled new polling showing critical need and bipartisan support for public investment in housing repairs. The poll comes as housing prices and rent costs skyrocket in Pennsylvania leaving many families cash-strapped and forced to choose between paying for housing, making necessary repairs to their home, or covering basic utility costs.

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Mental Health

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Generally speaking, menopause creeps up on us around 50 years of age. However, for some it can begin in their 40ʼs. With that, the changes begin. Menopause is a natural occurring biological process that wreaks havoc on our physical and mental health.

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How Mindful Are You?

When we think of celebrating, weddings, anniversaries, friends or even just Fridays, many of us choose to gather at a local establishment for a few drinks. We blow off some steam, laugh and “ take the edge off”.

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To Change Your Life for the Better, Use Affirmations

When I first met my husband Marc, and we were telling each other our life stories, he told me about how a few years before he had been in a deep depression, which went on for over a year and was getting worse.

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