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PennLive is partnering with a Spanish-language translation service in order to better serve our Spanish-speaking readers.

The company, Q’Hubo News will be translating three to four high-impact stories a week that will be available on PennLive. The first PennLive story to be translated is a feature on how John Fetterman, Democratic candidate for Senate, is viewed by the people who live in Braddock, the town where he has made his home. In the coming week, watch for Voter’s Guide information to be presented in Spanish, and a story on Mehmet Oz and whether his ties to New Jersey matter.

In the remaining weeks before the Nov. 8 election, PennLive will focus its efforts on providing Spanish-language speakers with quality information about the candidates and election. Readers can find the translated stories on our PennLive in Translation page.

“PennLive is pleased to partner with Q’Hubo News to provide this additional service to readers who prefer to consume the news in Spanish,” said Teresa Bonner, PennLive’s director of content. “While in the next few weeks, we’ll largely be focusing on offering translations of stories about the 2022 elections, we also look forward to bringing our Spanish-language readers other news of interest, from lifestyle topics to the occasional sports stories.”

Q’Hubo (which means “what’s up?”), was founded in 2020 by Amaury Abreu, formerly of Lebanon, Pa., who now resides in Philadelphia. Abreu, who has collaborated with other news outlets, said he created the service to help news and other organizations that need Spanish translation of content to reach the roughly 1 million people who identify as Hispanic in Pennsylvania.

“We want to help organizations provide reliable information and be a source of support,” said Abreu, adding the number of stories translated each week is limited because his organization wants to make sure its work is “reliable and accurate and true to the original.”

Please let us know what topics you’d like to see offered in Spanish by emailing Teresa Bonner at

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