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Steph Curry taunted the ref who gave him a technical foul with a ‘T’ celebration

Steph Curry got a technical foul for complaining about a no-call. Then he hit three straight threes and T’d up the ref.

Stephen Curry would win his third NBA MVP award if the season ended today. Curry has his Golden State Warriors off to a league-best 18-2 start, and he’s on-pace to break his own record for three-pointers in a season that he set back in 2016. Curry had another defining moment in his incredible season as the Warriors beat the Los Angeles Clippers, 105-90, on Sunday afternoon in LA.

Curry finished with 33 points, six assists, and six steals in the win while making 7-of-13 attempts from three-point line. He became the quickest player to ever hit 100 three-pointers in a season during the win. While being amazing and hitting a ton of threes is nothing new for Curry, T’ing up a referee is. That’s what happened as the Warriors closed out the game.

Early in the fourth quarter, Curry caught the ball in transition and was clobbered by Clippers wing Terance Mann on a layup attempt. The refs ruled Mann knocked the ball out of bounds, but they didn’t give Curry the foul call he was looking for. He exploded at the ref and was called for a technical foul for his outburst.

Steph absolutely SNAPPED on the ref pic.twitter.com/NHHyZ4wPuX

— Warriors on NBCS (@NBCSWarriors) November 28, 2021

You don’t want to make Steph Curry angry. Over the next few minutes, the Clippers learned that lesson the hard way.

First, Curry hit a 33-foot bomb off a double-drag action from the middle of the floor. Two possessions later, Curry rejected a screen on a slick behind-the-back crossover and ripped another three. On the next possession, Curry raced the ball down the left side of the floor and ripped another three-pointer. Then he glared at the ref who T’d him up earlier in the quarter and made the technical foul call motion at him.

Stephen Curry having himself a Sunday. pic.twitter.com/iHvpL4thI3

— Steve Jones Jr. (@stevejones20) November 28, 2021

To answer a few questions:

Yes, Curry definitely got fouled by Mann earlier in the quarter and deserved a call
T’ing up a ref is absolutely hilarious
Curry remains as great as he’s ever been. We are truly watching one of the best players in league history still in the prime of his career even at age-33

The Warriors already look like the best team in the NBA, and they don’t even have Klay Thompson back yet. This is shaping up to be a vintage Golden State season in every way. That starts with Steph doing Steph things. Just don’t make him angry.

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