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Suspect in Lebanon, Pa escpaed Lebanon County’s Sheriff deputies during attempted arrest

crime scene do not cross signage

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Lebanon, Pa- Victor Rivera, from Lebanon County, tried to escape an attempted arrest by the Lebanon County sheriff. The intended arrest took place on December 14 when Victor Rivera put the lives of the Sherrif’s deputies in danger. Victor Rivera tried to leave in a white pickup truck when the officers came to arrest him due to an active warrant the he has. Rivera alledgely intended to drive toward the deputies in order to not be arrested says the report. The officer discharged his firearm towards Victor Rivera while the escape was happening.

After the discharge, Rivera change the direction he was going and struck a building. The officers were not affected by Rivera’s attempts but he managed to escape the scene. Rivera has not been found. “Rivera was last seen by Deputies in a white Ford F-150 ‘Super Cab’ with the Pennsylvania Registration Plate of ZSX-3144.” says the press release. Anyone with information about Rivera’s wherabouts is being encouraged to report their information to the Detective Bureau at 717-228-4403 or Lebanon County Crimestoppers at 717-270-9800. 

To identify Rivera please visit here

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