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Lancaster, PA- Hey friend, I just got out from a college class, yesssss a college class, I am graduating this year from Millersville University with a digital communications degree but that is a story for a different day because I paid my way out of college and that is kind of a cool story

We all want—need, really—to have our stories told. And it takes wise storytellers to do it, especially if we become unable to fully do it ourselves.

Heatwaves have a huge impact on our physical and mental health. Doctors usually dread them, as emergency rooms quickly fill up with patients suffering from dehydration, delirium and fainting. Recent studies suggest at least a 10% rise in hospital emergency room visits on days when temperatures reach or exceed the top 5% of the normal temperature range for a given location.

As we already know, physical health and mental health have been components today, presented mostly in young people caused by stress, problems at home, among others. But despite that, what happens when we neglect physical health?

Over the past four years, the Penn State College of Medicine REACH project has been working in the Lebanon and Berks community. With the grant funding, the program builds strong partnerships, makes connections, guides and supports programs and assists with projects across both counties. We are proud to work in your community and want to share more about the REACH project.