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As we enter the height of cold and flu season, combined with the constant threat of new COVID strains, it’s important to remember that life-threatening viruses are still actively spreading at high rates. To compound the issue, millions of Americans, especially among our youngest and most vulnerable demographics, have yet to receive a vaccine or booster.

Mayor Capello also said that according to the audit, the City’s net position between year-end 2020 and year-end 2021 decreased from 11.6 to 6.6. For reference, the government’s net position is determined by the difference between an entity’s assets plus deferred outflows of resources and its liabilities plus differed inflows of resources.

Mayor Capello said that Lebanon boasts the lowest property tax rate amongst third-class cities and the second lowest among all cities in Pennsylvania. She noted that Scranton, PA has a slightly lower tax/millage rate at 2.395 mills; however, their earned income tax is higher than Lebanon City’s.