Matt Duvall, a longtime Democratic activist, was elected Chairman of the Lebanon County Democratic Committee during their reorganization meeting June 29 at the Hammock Hotel in Lebanon.

Duvall replaced Dan Sidelnick, who stepped down from the helm after four years. Duvall praised Sidelnick for his leadership during a stressful time for the party and the country.

Duvall is a learning scientist and lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education. He has run as a candidate for the Pennsylvania State House and as an Annville Township Commissioner. He has also been a district leader for the county committee, webmaster and technical guru.

“My goal is for us to stand up for the people who feel they are not being well represented in government,” he said. “Particularly now, with women’s rights to bodily autonomy, issues of racial equity and attacks on the LGBTQ community. We want to make sure government is working for everybody, not just the few.”

He said he hopes to improve voter registration by making sure everyone has easy and understandable access to voting.

“We need to empower people to have a voice in our democracy,” he said.

More than 100 committee members attended the reorganization. Duvall said he is glad to see so many people excited and engaged.

Also elected during the meeting were LeAnne Burchik as county vice-chair, Cesar Liriano as city vice-chair, Lorraine Scudder as recording secretary, Pam Tricamo as corresponding secretary and Dave Haller as treasurer.


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