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When I first met my husband Marc, and we were telling each other our life stories, he told me about how a few years before he had been in a deep depression, which went on for over a year and was getting worse. He couldn’t concentrate, couldn’t return phone calls, which means in the real estate business you can’t make a living, owed money, and was struggling in all aspects of his life. Then one day he read a book about affirmations, and it changed his whole life. Within two years of his using affirmations as part of his daily life, he was making six figures in commissions and enjoying a level of success that had been taken away by the depression. So, what are affirmations and why are they so powerful? Affirmations are positive statements we make to replace all the negative thoughts that most people carry around.

My husband had grown up in a very dysfunctional family where there was violence and lots of negative emotions. He had repeatedly gone up and down in his life between success and lack of success. He had heard about affirmations and began doing them sitting in his car in the office parking lot and repeating to himself over and over: “I am a winner, “I am a success. I have lots of money, a beautiful home, a new car, and a loving wife.” Of course, he had none of these at the time so what he was doing was making a wish for what he wanted. When the human mind hears these sentiments said out loud as if they already exist, it acts on them to help the person get them. What they were doing was replacing negative thoughts like, “I’m feeling weak and tired, I just can’t win, I’m in big trouble, etc.”

If you use a computer, you are probably familiar with default settings, such as the font is always the same for new documents that you start to write because you or someone at a company set it that way. People are kind of like that with the way we think, stuck in a way. Affirmations change that, kind of like if you changed the default settings on a computer. Marc replaced the negative default settings in his mind with believing that he could have great success. Can you change yours so your income is double what it is now? Can you find a more satisfying job? Can you find love? Yes, you can.

Later Marc found that listening to recordings with affirmations set to music were even more effective. One set of tapes called “The Inner Winner”, by Denis Waitley, was particularly helpful to him. Mr. Waitley was a test pilot, and those brave souls often died while flying brand new aircraft at amazing speeds (see the movie, “The Right Stuff”). At 1500 mph one negative thought can be deadly, and through the power of affirmations and by visualizing a perfect flight, he got rid of all negative thoughts. He was born in 1933, so he’ll be dying at a ripe old age, not from being a test pilot.

You won’t even need to buy anything to listen to recordings of affirmations if you have access to YouTube. Just type “affirmations” into the YouTube search box and hundreds of free affirmation recordings will appear on a list. Try out a bunch of them until you find a few that you find pleasing and useful. Then listen to them every day, or just say positive affirmations to yourself throughout the day. Say them as if they are already happening, not as if you hope they’ll occur in the future, such as “I am having” rather than “I will have”. Even if you don’t have that result yet, it’s okay–your mind will help you make it happen. Tell yourself whatever it is that you really want.

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